6-Week Mindfulness Program

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Now I come to work with a smile. I enjoy the way. I enjoy the little moments.


– Sales Team, Zara

We offer a dynamic and interactive 6-session mindfulness and peak performance series grounded in neuroscience and research. Specifically designed for startup and leadership teams, our tools have been proven to enhance team performance, innovation, and resilience.

Each 1-hour remote session provides an opportunity to practice Mindfulness hands-on, to learn about the latest science in the field. Working up to more advanced and practical methods of mindfulness, participants establish a solid understanding of their ‘quality of presence’ that provides countless benefits for themselves and their teams, as well as explore innovative tools such as Mindful Meetings, Unitasking and Mindful Listening. All sessions conclude with guided discussions and group reflections, while comprehensive course notes and online meditations are provided via email to be reviewed at leisure.

What Will I Learn?

  1. Resilience and Self-Regulation – Combating Stress, Anxiety and Zoom Fatigue
  2. Prioritization and Time Management – Top Tools for Mindful Meetings, Phoning and Emailing
  3. Mindful Innovation and Creativity – Boosting “Flow” State and Deep Work
  4. Happiness and Kindness at Work – Cultivating Freedom, Trust and Compassion
  5. Dealing with Uncertainty and Changes – Coping with Disruptive and Volatile Environment
  6. Leading Geographically Dispersed Teams – Fostering Collaboration, Motivation and Inspiration
  7. Mindful Communication and Feedback – Developing Listening Skills, Empathy and Clear Communication
  8. Intention and Meaningfulness – Changing Automatic Pilot and Fostering Purpose
  9. Letting-Go and Acceptance – Identifying Self-Judgement and Limiting Beliefs
  10. Mindful Presentations – Developing Charisma and High Impact Public Speaking via Zoom
  11. Unconscious Bias and Equality – Counteracting Impostor Syndrome, Negativity Bias and Limiting Beliefs
  12. Well-Being at Work – Top Tools for Mindful Eating, Walking and Sleeping

Absolute Value

All programs are followed by assessments and evaluation processes, which are tailored to your specific needs. This research allows the top management to continuously analyze the impact of the program. Our case studies show profound and significant results of increased productivity (i.e. innovation, prioritization, listening), elevated well-being (i.e. stress, happiness), and higher profits (i.e. sales, retention, recruitment).

100% Scientific

We are excited to introduce mindfulness into your workplace!