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Welcome to OWBA by Dana Zelicha, the Organizational Well Being Agency!

We invite you to get acquainted with the most innovative mindfulness tools for transforming any

stressful workplace into a well-balanced and productive environment. To your success!

Develop Talent From Within
6-week mindfulness program
McKinsey in Moscow
It was an honour for OWBA to be invited by McKinsey & Company to address a number of their staff at a training session in Moscow. Dana facilitated a mindfulness workshop for over 50 business
Citibank Mindfulness Workshop
OWBA had the privilege of leading a Women’s Empowerment workshop for Citibank in Tel Aviv to introduce them to Mindfulness. It was a pleasure to present to such an enthusiastic group, as
Mindful Politics Conference - British Parliament
Politicians flocked to London last month from around the world to take part in the “Mindful Politics” conference hosted by the British Parliament.  This historical conference,
We had the privilege to introduce Mindfulness into Zara, one of the largest, rapidly growing international fashion companies, with over 2,100 stores located across 88 countries.

We met Zara's brilliant Sales
IPPAs 5TH World Congress on Positive Psychology - Montreal, Canada
London School of Economics
The Guardian - "LSE: Pick a Passion"
"CEO is a Human Being, Not a Human Doing"
Lady Globes Online Magazine - "Mindfulness in Business"
Daily Mail: "Forget Multitasking, it's All About Unitasking"
British Parliament
Funzing London
“Dana is a knowledgable, enthusiastic and engaging speaker and this talk is great for anyone taking their first steps into Mindfulness! I came out with a more open mind and felt like a weight had been lifted.”
Teva Pharmaceuticals
“This was an amazing program and I enjoyed every minute of it.”
Participant in 6-Week Mindfulness Program, Teva Pharmaceuticals
London School Of Economics (LSE)
“Working on business plans and financial forecasts, I’m always thinking about the future, based on my past, so I’ve never really lived in the present.”
Participant in 2-Day Workshop,
I recently attended a 2 hour mindfulness session - I walked away enlightened about myself and armed with 3 tools to implement into my lifestyle. I highly recommend.
Marketing Specialist, Si
London School Of Economics (LSE)
“Mindfulness helps you to see the big picture and observe what’s happening without getting too attached. Then you can make a more objective decision.”
Participant in 2-Day Workshop, London