We specialize in mindful solutions to complex situations

All speaking engagements begin with an introduction to mindfulness which is composed of dynamic exercises that exemplify what mindfulness is, hands-on. We then explore scientific evidence, organizational pain points, and dive into learning practical tools for peak performance and resilience at work.

Most popular topics:


  • Mindfulness for Well Being 
  • Mindfulness for Productivity and Effectiveness
  • Mindfulness for Innovation and Creativity
  • Mindfulness for Women Empowerment

This flagship 6-session series, which consists of 2-hour sessions each, enables you to practice mindfulness hands-on, learn practical tools for peak performance, and explore the latest scientific evidence in the field. This structured and robust workshop for corporate and startup teams focuses on creating a long-lasting change in the work culture and team dynamics:

  • Mindful Innovation and Creativity.
  • Letting Go, Compassion and Acceptance
  • Unconscious Bias, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Stress Regulation and Change Autopilot
  • Managing Distractions and Prioritisation
  • Focus, Productivity, and Effectiveness
  • Mindful Communication and Feedback
  • Dealing with Uncertainty and Changes
  • Happiness, Gratitude, and Freedom at Work
  • Managing Geographically Dispersed Teams
  • Purpose, Meaning, and Intention
  • Mindful Eating, Walking, and Sleeping
  • Stress Regulation and Change Autopilot
  • Managing Distractions and Prioritisation
  • Dealing with Uncertainty and Changes
  • Happiness, Purpose, and Kindness at Work

Specifically designed for the corporate environment, this eye-opening and empowering learning experience equips participants with practical mindfulness tools to identify in real-time, and profoundly counteract common types of unconscious bias at work:

  • Implicit Bias (Stereotypes)
  • Self-Positivity Bias
  • Negativity Bias
  • Correspondence Bias
  • Impostor Syndrome

We offer 1.5-hour coaching sessions for top leaders who are committed to connecting, growing, and optimizing their competitive edge. The process is tailored to your specific needs and focuses on:

  • Stress Regulation and Work-Life Balance
  • Peak Performance and Effectiveness
  • Inspirational Leadership and Charisma
  • Winning Mindset and Authenticity
  • Mindful Decision Making and Clarity

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