Dana Zelich OWBA founder on stage at a speaking even in a venue full of people

We specialize in mindful solutions to complex situations

All lectures and workshops begin with an introduction to mindfulness which is composed of dynamic exercises that exemplify what mindfulness is, hands-on. We then explore scientific evidence, organizational pain points, and dive into learning practical tools for peak performance and resilience at work.

Most popular topics:


  • Mindfulness for Well Being and Resilience
  • Mindfulness for Productivity and Effectiveness
  • Mindfulness for Innovation and Creativity
  • Mindfulness for Women Empowerment

This flagship 6-session series, which consists of 1-hour remote sessions each, enables you to practice mindfulness hands-on, learn practical tools for peak performance, and explore the latest scientific evidence in the field. This structured and robust workshop for corporate and startup teams focuses on creating a long-lasting change in the work culture and team dynamics:

  • Mindful Innovation and Creativity.
  • Letting Go, Compassion and Acceptance
  • Unconscious Bias, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Stress Regulation and Change Autopilot
  • Managing Distractions and Prioritisation
  • Focus, Productivity, and Effectiveness
  • Mindful Communication and Feedback
  • Dealing with Uncertainty and Changes
  • Happiness, Gratitude, and Freedom at Work
  • Managing Geographically Dispersed Teams
  • Purpose, Meaning, and Intention
  • Mindful Eating, Walking, and Sleeping
  • Stress Regulation and Change Autopilot
  • Managing Distractions and Prioritisation
  • Dealing with Uncertainty and Changes
  • Happiness, Purpose, and Kindness at Work

With Mindfulness, we can look at those who are different from us with curiosity rather than judgment, bring more awareness to our day-to-day situations, and reduce our own and other’s unconscious bias by speaking up. This unique training profoundly counteracts common types of unconscious bias at work:

  • Implicit Bias (Stereotypes)
  • Self-Positivity Bias
  • Negativity Bias
  • Correspondence Bias
  • Impostor Syndrome

We offer 1.5-hour coaching sessions for top leaders who are committed to connecting, growing, and optimizing their competitive edge. The process is tailored to your specific needs and focuses on:

  • Stress Regulation and Work-Life Balance
  • Peak Performance and Effectiveness
  • Inspirational Leadership and Charisma
  • Winning Mindset and Authenticity
  • Mindful Decision Making and Clarity

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