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Managing Change and Uncertainty

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Mindfulness . Change . Curiosity

 Managing change is an ever-present challenge facing organisations. Adjusting to change is always difficult for any organisation and its employees. This era is one of rapid changes, sophisticated systems, and online communication; therefore it is difficult to predict or to prepare for a change.

You may not always be able to prepare for imminent change, so our strategy at OWBA is to help you to embrace it with openness and curiosity.

Mindfulness has been linked with enhanced curiosity because it involves observing, describing, acting with awareness, and accepting without judgement. One study also found that curiosity played an instrumental part in managers’ abilities to seek new information and make global decisions when faced with role changes.

When we introduce Mindfulness to the workplace, we are more able to embrace and adapt to change–even those that are unexpected–because we are able to view them openly and creatively as new opportunities.

With the focus and clarity that Mindfulness brings, we can respond to changes and new information in a selective way and make better decisions on how to move forward. Instead of fearing change, learn how to adapt, embrace, and grow from it with the curiosity that Mindfulness practice brings!

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