Mindfulness Workshop for Entrepreneurs – WeWork, 2015

WeWork is a working platform for startups and creators worldwide, with beautiful, collaborative, physical spaces in 20 locations and 7 cities, almost 15,000 members, a digital app that lets you connect and work virtually, and formal and informal events to encourage connections.

The Mindfulness workshop was offered to WeWork members in Herzliya as part of the global network’s formal events. Mindfulness has been found as a powerful strategy for entrepreneurs to reclaim mental and emotional space from the stress of overwork and hyper-connection, as well as extreme burnout. Mindfulness practices was useful not only for reducing the stress of building up a startup, but also for helping entrepreneurs become aware of, and then to rewire, how they interpret and react to unfolding events. It may be particularly effective during the first phases of the startup – initiating the idea and building the team, budgets, and processes – the beginning of a real company. Then, entrepreneurs may gain a much greater inner peace, capacity for fresh, creative thinking on all fronts, and enhanced resilience to whatever comes next. Also, creating an environment that encourages employees to be more adept at working with their minds promotes better performance, benefiting the larger team, clients, customers, and stakeholders alike.