In my lecture at Gav-Yam Be’er Sheva with leading managers of different companies in the science park, we spoke about the challenges that managers have to deal with in the modern frantic business environment, practiced mindful eating, and mindful listening as a tool to enhance the relationships in the office.

The lecture was about Mindfulness, which has become popular in recent years the field of organizational psychology, especially in our modern world that is characterised by tremendous loads, Multitasking, incident response, all without stopping for a moment. Google for example operates a successful mindfulness program called “Search Inside Yourself” which is aimed at developing mindfulness at its board. Mindfulness is the state of mind of attention to the experience of the present moment and can be achieved through mental training.

Mindfulness community of doctors and students have begun to study scientifically in recent years the effects of modern enterprise: the pressure of competition, fear of failure and the long hours hurt the productivity, functioning and welfare of workers, as a result the entire organization get hurt. The main factors that harm the organization happens due to wrong decisions making, Lack of creativity, a decrease in productivity or multiple sickness days. One of the greatest challenges that managers have to deal with is urgent and critical issues while dealing with many distractions like emails, messages, texts and phone calls. Therefore, managers need lot of attention and mindfulness in order to handle all the tasks in a clear mind and in an authentic and accurate way.

Mindfulness has been shown to improve productivity, leadership ability, Charisma and in general – administrative function, as helps to reduce stress levels and organizational burnout and produce an atmosphere that supports raising the levels of happiness, productivity and creativity.