Corporate WellBeing – 2-Day Mindfulness Workshop

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Be Better. Be Mindful.

This dynamic and interactive 2-day workshop will introduce the concept of Mindfulness, and the practical benefits of introducing this practice to your everyday working life, and to the management of your business.

The workshop is a concentrated and accelerated format of the MBSR and MBCT programs, and includes practical and innovative tools such as Mindful Meetings, Mindful Feedback, Mindful Creativity, and Unitasking to implement in every aspect of work-life.

The two sessions, conducted 3 hours each day, are interdependent and combine complementary components. Therefore, attending both sessions is necessary to ensure maximum benefits.

The core topics of OWBA’s 2-day program are:

  • Self Regulation: Combating Stress, Anxiety and Burnout
  • Focus and Attention: Mindful Meetings, Phoning and Emailing
  • Productivity and Time Management: Multitasking vs. Unitasking
  • Living with Intention: Managing ‘Automatic Pilot‘ and Daily Routines
  • Mindful Communication: Developing Empathy and Compassion
  • Happiness at Work: Controlling Mind Wandering and Self Judgement

How can Mindfulness training help my company?

  1. FOCUS & ATTENTION – With so many distractions inundating our daily lives and tasks to be completed simultaneously, our capacity for focused concentration is constantly being challenged. Mindfulness training helps to drown out the noise and can significantly improve attention spans, memory capacity, and the ability to focus.
  2. STRESS & ANXIETY – Mindfulness has been proven to decrease stress and anxiety levels, depression, and addictive behaviors. Mindfulness training provides practical techniques that help you to remain calm, make deliberate decisions before acting, and face problems head-on.
  3. WELL BEING & HAPPINESS – Mindfulness training has been proven to maximize wellbeing and promote a sense of presence, while cultivating qualities such as emotional resilience, tolerance, empathy, and self-compassion.
  4. CLARITY & DECISION-MAKING – Our path to progress is not always linear. Decisions regarding our career are driven by logistical, rational and emotional factors, which many times may clash and hinder clear thinking. Mindfulness training can help you to untangle threads of overlapping thoughts, quiet the noise, and listen to what lies beneath. Listen to yourself, and help others hear you.

Dana Zelicha is a lecturer for ‘Mindful Leadership’ at the IDC Herzliya and the founder of OWBA—The Well Being Agency. OWBA is a boutique wellbeing consultancy endorsed by the London School of Economics(LSE) that specializes in corporate Mindfulness. Dana has worked with global companies ranging from large international corporations to startups, with clients such as HP Enterprise, Citibank, McKinsey, Zara and Teva Pharmaceuticals.