Download PDFExperiences and Impacts of Short Mindfulness Intervention on Resilience of University Students Under Stress

Dana has focused on facilitating Mindfulness Workshops to LSE master students under stress. This intervention was part of Dana’s research and Thesis in the London School of Economics (LSE), which portrayed transformative results with participants. Consequently, the LSE endorsed her business to launch appropriate Mindfulness interventions in organisations worldwide: LSE student and alumni businesses

This led to form her vision: providing an antidote to organisations’ current frantic business environment by creating a new generation of ‘Mindful’ organisations with a healthier culture. Dana aim to ‘cure’ organisations’ pain-points around excessive stress and competitiveness, recruitment difficulties, low retention rates and unhappy and miserable employees. More ideas on how Mindfulness can be successfully integrated in Entrepreneurship can be found on: Mindfulness and resilience in entrepreneurship