Develop Talent from Within

Worried about your employee WELL-BEING, PERFORMANCE and PRODUCTIVITY?

Wanna join Britain’s HEALTHIEST Companies in 2019?

OWBA can help you grow your business through unique assessment methodologies and dynamic workshops, and provide you with a professional and comprehensive leadership development process focused on mindfulness and well being. At OWBA, we take a multifaceted approach to the dynamism of leadership; comprising of trainings, observations, interviews and case studies our method is grounded in scientific principles for creating long lasting change – to ensure the stability and growth of your business!

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Who are OWBA?

OWBA is a Boutique Organisational Psychologist Consultancy, engaging in peak performance of leaders around the world in today’s fast-paced business environment. Our unique method to change is grounded in scientifically-proven principles for creating long lasting impact – by providing a basic framework for a results-oriented, continuous, open-ended process, considering the unpredictable nature of our environment.

OWBA’s founder, Dana Zelicha, is a lecturer in the department of psychology and brain research at the InterDisciplinary Centre (IDC). Dana has researched the transformative effects of mindfulness in organisations and worked with companies such as Danone, Keter Plastic, Beilinson Hospital, WeWork and the London School of Economics.

Why do I need OWBA?

WELL-BEING PROBLEM! – Financial times states that stress costs the UK economy £6.5BN annually, and mental illness costs £70BN!

GOOGLE IS MINDFUL! – Google, KPMG, eBay, Twitter, Deutsche Bank, Starbucks, TfL, IBM and Unilever ALL utilize mindfulness programmes to improve performance and employee wellbeing.

MINDFUL WORKERS WANT TO WORK!  – AfterTfL implemented Mindfulness, 71% less workers took days off due to stress-related illness.

FACT! – 3,000+ scientific studies support the efficacy of mindfulness to improve our Health, Minds and Happiness.

MINDFULNESS = SAVINGS! – a Harvard study (2010) shows how for each $1 invested in well being programs, $3.27 is made through lower health costs, and $2.73 in reduced absenteeism.

How do I contact OWBA?

Please fill your details on the CONTACT US form and promise to get in touch soon!