“The best corporate training for peak performance and work effectiveness.” – IP Team, Novartis Pharma

“I walked away enlightened about myself and armed with 3 tools to implement into my work-life. Highly recommended!” –  Marketing Team, SimilarWeb 

“The 6-week Mindfulness programme really helped us develop better relationships within our team” – M&A Team, Novartis International

“The programme quietly transformed my work-life and brought back my ability to choose proactively instead of respond automatically” – IP Team, Novartis Pharma

“Dana is a knowledgable, enthusiastic and engaging speaker and this workshop is great for anyone taking their first steps into Mindfulness! I arrived open minded and felt like a weight had been lifted.” – R&D Team, Dropbox 

“The most meaningful part of the programme was letting go of negative feelings and being able to practice mindfulness at home and at work.” – Legal Team, Teva Pharmaceuticals 

“Working on business plans and financial forecasts, I’m always thinking about the future, based on my past, so I’ve never really lived in the present.” – Entrepreneur, London School of Economics (LSE)

Now I come to work with a smile. I stop to buy myself coffee, go with it to work. I never did it before. Now, I enjoy the way. I enjoy those little moments we have.” – Sales Team,  Zara

“Mindfulness helps you to see the big picture and observe what’s happening without getting too attached. Then you can make a more objective decision.” – Investment Team, Citibank

“One of our biggest challenges is managing time. Being able to both work and rest effectively. I think Mindfulness helps to put more attention into that.” – Masters Student, London School of Economics (LSE)

“This was an amazing program and I enjoyed every minute of it.” – Legal Team, Teva Pharmaceuticals  

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