“I recently attended a 2 hour session Dana ran for work, and it was truly awesome. I walked away enlightened about myself and armed with 3 tools to implement into my lifestyle. I highly recommend!”

       Marketing Specialist, SimilarWeb 

“Dana is a knowledgable, enthusiastic and engaging speaker and this talk is great for anyone taking their first steps into Mindfulness! Would definitely recommend this talk! I came out with a more open mind and felt like a weight had been lifted.”

    Attendees, Mindfulness for Professionals Talk Hosted by Funzing

“The most meaningful part of the programme was letting go of negative feelings and being able to practice mindfulness at home and at work.”

         Participant in 6-Week Leadership Program, Teva Pharmaceuticals 

“The journey has only just begun, but will enhance my health and life in a positive way.”

         Participant in 6-Week Leadership Program, Teva Pharmaceuticals

“This was an amazing program and I enjoyed every minute of it.

        Participant in 6-Week Leadership Program, Teva Pharmaceuticals  

“I wish all doctors could start their morning shift with a Mindfulness meditation.”

         Doctor, Beilinson Hospital

Now I come to work with a smile. I stop to buy myself coffee, go with it to work. I never did it before. Now, I enjoy the way. I enjoy those little moments we have.”

        Head of HR,  Alumni of the London School Of Economics (LSE)

“Mindfulness helps you to see the big picture and observe what’s happening without getting too attached. Then you can make a more objective decision.”

      Masters Student, London School Of Economics (LSE)

“Working on business plans and financial forecasts, I’m always thinking about the future, based on my past, so I’ve never really lived in the present.”

       Social Entrepreneur, London School Of Economics (LSE)

“One of our biggest challenges is managing time. Being able to both work and rest effectively. I think Mindfulness helps to put more attention into that.”

        Masters Student, London School Of Economics (LSE)


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