Are you a working woman who feels pressure to find balance? Are fear or uncertainty stopping you from making leaps or moving forward?

Women can find empowerment through Mindfulness because it allows us to focus on the present moment and abandon any fears our doubts about the future. When we take a moment to quiet the mind, we are able to turn off the mental chatter and silence the “what if’s,” while really listening to our goals and desires and focusing on “what now.” Just think what you can achieve without fear or doubt standing in your way!

More than 3000 studies suggest that Mindfulness helps climbing up the career ladder, not only by helping us regulate emotions, improve decision-making, and reduce stress and anxiety, but also by reducing self-judgement and automatic behaviors.  The focus that mindfulness brings can make a positive difference in both men’s and women’s lives. However, judging by the amount of multitasking women do and the amount of anxiety they feel, women stand to benefit even more:

Multitasking – women multitask more often than men! A study at Michigan State University found that women multitask 10 hours more per week than men. However, research shows that multitasking negatively affects performance and can reduce productivity by up to 40%. So, the more you multitask in general, the more difficult you will find it to sustain focused attention, which is important not only for performance but also for psychological well-being.

Stress – women experience more stress than men, even when their workloads are similar! Stress can result from tasks not being completed or done properly, and is associated with increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol in our bodies.

Worry – women worry more than men! According to the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, women are twice as likely as men to suffer from anxiety. Research attributes this to both structural and chemical differences in their brains. A lack of focused attention can often lead to greater anxiety because our thoughts go to worrying about the future.

Happiness – a Harvard study found that people spend 47% of their time thinking about something other than what they are currently doing and that we are less happy when our minds are wandering!

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