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Executive Mindfulness Coaching

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Have you ever:

  • Felt that there is an enormous potential hidden inside of you, but you can’t unleash it?
  • Tried to create positive changes, but always went back to your old habits?
  • Felt frustrated about trying to change yourself? or rather – to change your employees/team members?
  • Have you ever wanted to give and do more, but weren’t quite sure how?

This can be a unique opportunity for those rare individuals committed to connecting, contributing and growing on a massive scale. You will be equipped with the Mindfulness tools and experiences to master the skills of lasting change and step into your own greatness as a leader. On this wonderful path you will be able to identify your ‘X-factor’ – your competitive edge.

You should not settle for less than what you want. You deserve it and have the power to be everything that you can be. In order to change our life regardless of the environment, we must get better with our personal development. Your beliefs, needs and emotional patterns are invisible forces that determine how you live your life every day. However, those habits can be changed. You can learn how to become stronger, more resourceful and more powerful than you ever thought possible. 

Modern research identifies common measurable leadership traits such as: drive, ambition, initiative, motivation, honesty, integrity, self-confidence, cognitive ability and expert knowledge. However, organisations consist of many interconnected levels, and it is possible for the leader’s authority to get easily lost due to poor employee performance or by group members losing respect to the leader. Too many organisations have attempted to develop leaders with a fragmented, piecemeal, hit and miss approach. They focus on one area, or one attribute, believing that this is all they need. Leadership is much more complex than that.

The goal of the one-on-one training for executives is to help inspire change in your organisation by first inspiring change in yourself. As the leader of the company, the values that you embrace will spread to all levels of your organisation and will help to create a Mindful corporate culture. Consequently, leadership assessments, self-reflections, performance appraisals and dynamic delegation are all substantial factors which have enormous effects over leader’s success.

  • Can you train leadership?

Our answer is YES. Using unique Mindfulness coaching methodologies and workshops, we can provide you a comprehensive leadership development process that includes trainings, observations, interviews, case studies, simulations and more. For creating long- lasting change, we need from you commitmentpersistence, strong belief, support and high motivation–as change is not a miracle. Mindfulness is a science grounded in solid principles.

The world needs true leaders, selfless individuals who inspire and empower others, and who are committed to creating positive changes. All of us have the seeds of leadership within ourselves, but we often feel blocked, scared or uncertain about stepping into our greatness.

Make this leap. You deserve it.

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