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Mindful Recruitment

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As a manager or an owner of a business, you have to recruit the right professionals for key positions in your company. The “best” people are not always the right ones; we must distinguish and not always follow our gut feeling when it comes to selecting employees. Chemistry or and good first impression are a very good starting point in the recruitment process, but can often be misleading. Therefore, we should ask ourselves:  why are we hiring this person? What is the real need behind this? Is the candidate competent? It is the essential for the creation of solid human foundation for your business.

After choosing the right people for the job, you must take care of their well-being, professional development, career milestones and their compensation system. Another managerial challenge will be identifying the “rising stars”, and facilitate their advancement through tailor made talent management programs, employees’ performance evaluations and career assessments.

We can help you create your ideal team with a winning mind set, by unleashing their full potential, nurturing help them grow, and teaching them to dare!

To your business growth!