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Mindfulness In Business

Mindfulness can now be found in every corner of the corporate world, with many Fortune 500 companies awakening to the importance of sharing this practice with their employees.

Google offers an internal course called “Search Inside Yourself” that was so popular among its team members, the company has created entry-level versions such as “Neural Self-Hacking” and “Managing Your Energy.” The search giant has also built a labyrinth on their campus for walking meditation.

EBay has meditation rooms equipped with pillows and flowers.

Twitter and Facebook are also making efforts to get involved in the Mindfulness movement. Evan Williams, one of Twitter’s founders, has introduced regular meditation sessions in his new venture, the Obvious Corporation, a start-up incubator and investment vehicle. Facebook has a meditation room in its Silicon Valley headquarters, and engineering director Arturo Bejar is dedicated to weaving compassion into the core of the company and sharing this value with Facebook’s users.

So why is there a real need for Mindfulness in the business world?

1. Highly Competitive Business Environment

  • 41% of UK employees are under excessive pressure 1-2 times a week (CIPD, 2013)

2. Poor Leadership & Disengaged Employees

  • 63% of employees are not engaged in their work (Gallup, 2013)
  • Incompetence of company directors causes 56% of corporate failures (LMNG, 2012)

3. Recruitment & Retention Difficulties

  • 82% of UK organizations are experiencing recruitment difficulties (CIPD, 2013)
  • The cost of replacing employees can reach 60% of their annual salary (Bliss, 2014)

4. Absence Problems & Unhappy Employees

  • 75% to 90% of all doctor visits in the US are stress related (Kalia, 2002)
  • Employee well-being is a stronger predictor of performance and productivity than job satisfaction (Wright & Cropanzano, 2000)

In August 2012, The Financial Times cited Mindful Training Research Results:

  • 80% of participants reported positive changes in clarity of decisions
  • 89% reported enhanced listening capabilities (to themselves and others)
  • 83% ‘take time’ each day to optimise their personal productivity
  • 82% ‘make time’ to eliminate tasks with limited productivity value


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