We had the privilege to introduce Mindfulness into Zara, one of the largest, rapidly growing international fashion companies, with over 2,100 stores located across 88 countries.

We met Zara’s brilliant Sales & HR Managers who know how to lead the way, and need some guidance to maintain balance and well being, while achieving their professional goals. Within the 2-day Mindfulness program we discussed the harmful implications of being constantly overstressed and distracted, as well as the hindering toll it takes on the organisation as a whole if ignored.

Participants were offered practical tools, such as Mindfulness Meditation to manage their anxiety, stress and mind wandering at work; Mindful Working to stop living on Autopilot and add nourishing activities to our day-2-day experience; and Mindful Decision Making – taught through deprogramming their multitasking tendencies and intentionally bringing them to focus with full attention on their current task. By using such tools, managers can promise future high quality results as well as interactions and decisions with their employees, later predicting higher productivity. We also practiced Mindful Communication – if used correctly, can cultivate better listening skills, empathy and compassion, all of which are conducive to promoting collaboration and effective team engagement.

Thank you Zara for caring about your management team and investing in their well being!