We had the privilege to launch a unique Mindfulness program for the Global Leadership Team of Teva Europe. This fantastic group of 24 top-executives from 10 countries, arrived in Brussels for 2 intensive and creative days.

Teva Pharmaceuticals is the largest generic drug manufacturer in the world, operating in 60 countries with approximately 43,000 employees worldwide. This is the first time Teva has introduced a Mindfulness program, which demonstrates its commitment to building a strong leadership culture, whilst promoting employee well being and happiness at work.

The program included Mindfulness techniques such as Mindfulness meditation to manage anxiety, stress and mind wanderings at work; Mindful communication to proactively build a regular practice of no distractions and learning non-reactive habits (for instance, turning off all iPhone notifications from Facebook, LinkedIn); Mindful creativity and innovation in a multi tasking environment; Letting go of negative thoughts and self-judgement and, most importantly, Mindful listening in our relationships, to generate more empathy and compassion in today’s frantic work environment.

Thank you to Teva for caring about its senior management and investing in its well being!