Politicians flocked to London last month from around the world to take part in the “Mindful Politics” conference hosted by the British Parliament.  This historical conference, led by Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn, intended to raise awareness of mindfulness—both in politics and in greater society. Wildly successful, the conference will surely catapult interest and inspire future mindfulness conferences for politicians.

Present alongside her compatriot, Israeli parliament member, Amir Ohana, Dana Zelicha had the thrilling opportunity to take part in the conference, participating in a series of tête-à-têtes. The conference promoted exchanges of information, augmenting both awareness and knowledge of mindfulness.

Audience members were introduced to mindfulness tools that, if used properly, could assist them when faced with uncertainty in the future. How will they remain resilient, clear-minded, and creative in their careers? We’ll have to wait and see.

As if these pearls of wisdom from Professor Kabat-Zinn weren’t enough, participants also had the chance to practice mindfulness mediation—can you imagine a quiet room full of meditating politicians? With any luck, these practices will wiggle their way into the quotidian life of everyone in the conference.

The Oxford Mindfulness Centre also held a role in the conference, and hosted a panel discussion of the relationship between mindfulness and the criminal justice system, including a testimonial from an ex-prisoner who was able to navigate his previous life to a life of mindfulness. It was truly exceptional to hear a firsthand account of someone who had transformed his life from one of crime and deceit into one of principle and value thanks to the practices of mindfulness.

The existence of a mindful politics conference at the House of Commons is a huge step for the future success and awareness of mindfulness in the world. We look forward to participating in subsequent events to continue the expansion of mindfulness in the world.