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Group Coaching Workshop – ConnectTLV , Tel Aviv 2012-2013

The Group Coaching for Olim (immigrants) project was a joint initiative of the ConnecTLV by the Jewish Agency and Dana Zelicha. The project’s goal is to provide the support and guidance needed to new Olim through group coaching in their own language during their first year in Israel. The group coaching process was designed to help them identify and achieve their interests, goals and objectives while establishing their life in Israel. The workshop was facilitated by Dana Zelicha and Gitit Batzri, and deals with life choices, career decision, financial responsibility, relationships, dating and positive attitude.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a powerful relationship that is intended for people who wish to make major changes in their lives. The desire to change and the nature of the change are brought by the client. The focus, support and encouragement are brought by the coach. The strength of the process comes from the relationship between coach and client, which is essentially an empowering and goal-oriented partnership. The basic assumption is that you are an expert on your life and the coaching relationship will provide you with a safe place to ask the real questions, to arrive at answers and to treat your dreams seriously and with courage. Coaching is not therapy or counseling. Moreover, this group workshop is not a one on one coaching process for solving specific issues, it is rather an experiential workshop that aims to elevate our level of awareness in life, establish a new relationship with ourselves and give practical tools for dealing with problems, constructive communication etc.

Workshop Goals

  • Decrease dependence on experts.
  • Develop emotional intelligence and inspire creative thinking.
  • Build proficiency in reflection, re-framing, questioning, problem-solving planning, and time management.
  • Deepen trust and collaboration among group members gain an understanding of the issues, motivations, and intentions of the group.
  • Drive individual responsibility for learning and personal development.
  • Increase dexterity in presentation, facilitation, and communication.
  • Improve interpersonal support skills: listening, feedback.
  • Enhance personal flexibility and adaptability.