Sales Transformation Intervention – Danone, Russia, 2012

A unique transformation workshop based on the work around mindset, aimed at leading deep changes within the sales department and increasing company’s performance in the long term. This innovative program was developed and delivered by Dr. Amir Kfir and Dana Zelicha, introducing a new comprehensive methodology dealing with the state of mind of participants.

The organization is a specialized healthcare division of one of the leading global food company, focused exclusively on research-based scientifically-proven nutrition, developed to meet the needs of individuals for whom a normal diet is not sufficient. Our goal was to bring a wind of change to the core of how sales managers think behave and mange relationships – all while being highly focused on a results driven approach. We brought awareness to their sense of presence, teaching them how to drive impact by being more focused and aware of their power of “Here & Now”.

By using coaching and problem solving techniques, we empowered the management team to develop competencies such as Listening, Focusing, self-persistence, Negotiation, Planning and Peer Relationship.

The Process was customized through a 4-step process to ensure the best results:

  1. Prior to the Workshop – we conducted interviews, current status’ analysis and needs assessment. We studied what makes the best people perform so well, and developed case studies custom made to business world.
  2. During the Workshop – we engaged with participants in a “Train the Trainer” approach using our unique practical coaching style. This included unique role playing, visualization, group coaching, active discussions, meditation, and real-time simulations.
  3. Following the Workshop – Final Analysis, Recommendations & Follow-up – We wanted to ensure that the sales team retained and applied the workshops’ content in their day-to-day work routine. We proposed a One-on-One summary session to each participant, and One-on-One, after 3 months, coaching session. Moreover, participants received a reinforcement kit, including a video of their Sales simulation to help them enhance their daily life self-awareness.
  4. Finally we measured the impact of this transformation workshop on actual performance data and testimonials.