OWBA had the privilege of leading a Women’s Empowerment workshop for Citibank in Tel Aviv to introduce them to Mindfulness. It was a pleasure to present to such an enthusiastic group, as everyone was engaged in the activities and many individuals asked thoughtful and insightful questions. It is exciting that a new client is embracing what OWBA does with such openness, curiosity, and a heartfelt reception.

The themes of Multitasking versus Unitasking, Stress and Anxiety, and Happiness were explored, with an emphasis on how Mindfulness can specifically benefit women more than men in these three areas.

An article in the Harvard Business Review explored all the current Mindfulness research and how it can be more useful for women. Interestingly, a study found that women multitask 10 hours more per week than men! Multitasking is a common practice with the many distractions people face throughout the day. The belief that multitasking helps us accomplish everything we have to get done, however, is a myth. Research has shown that multitasking negatively affects performance, and decreases productivity by up to 40%. Therefore, while many people think that doing many things at once is efficient, it is actually counterproductive because the tasks are usually performed with less attention and lower quality. Instead, the best way to accomplish all of one’s tasks is to ‘Unitask,’ or to consciously do one thing at a time with full effort and attention. To learn to break the habit of multitasking, the Citibank team engaged in a Unitasking exercise and also practiced mindful listening with a partner, since conversations are a time when many of us try to multitask the most.

Research has also found that women experience more stress than men even when their workloads are similar! Additionally, the Anxiety Disorders Association of America also states that women are twice as likely as men to suffer from anxiety. Research attributes this to both structural and chemical differences in their brains. As Mindfulness has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, the group participated in exercises such as mindful eating and a mindfulness meditation.

A sincere and heartfelt thank you to Citibank, who brought such warmth and dedication to make for a successful workshop, and we look forward to working with them in the future as they continue in their Mindfulness journey!