The Mindfulness movement can now be found in every corner of the organizational world – Google, Intel, Deutsche Bank, McKinsey and even the British Parliament. This month OWBA had the opportunity to partner with Amdocs, a leading hi-tech company expanding over 90 countries. We ran two programs at their Tel Aviv office, a Mindful creativity workshop and a Mindful Career Day.

The Mindful Creativity workshop was designed as a crash course for 35+ of Amdocs’ top global executives. As part of a larger ideation workshop, we began our morning working on Mindful communication. Centered on compassion, we explored how Mindful leaders recognize noticing, feeling, and acting as crucial steps in relating to their employees. We also discussed Mindful meditation, which increases resilience, emotional intelligence and stimulates the neocortex — the creativity center of the brain! We ended the session with a mindful walking exercise, taking in the information we had learned while simultaneously paying attention to our bodies and being in the moment. Wrapping up, we reflected how mindfulness teaches us to pay attention to the present while recognizing and monitoring feelings and emotions. By doing so, we are able to both observe and participate in each moment and understand the long-term implications of our choices.

The Career Day workshop at Amdocs was a 2-day event. The first day was part of a larger Career Day at the Tel Aviv office. The second day was VC broadcast to Amdocs offices throughout the world, including India and various centers in Europe. We began by discussing workplace stress and distractions and the effects they have on our well-being, creativity, and productivity. Later, participants practiced together Unitasking vs. Multitasking, experienced Mindful meditation online, and learned how to let go of automatic patterns that hinder personal and professional development.

When climbing the career ladder, Mindfulness steadies us by helping to regulate our emotions, reducing stress, and improve decision-making. On another level, it also can have far-reaching, long-term benefits such as reducing hostility towards others and counterproductive behavior, making room for effective communication and increased productivity.

It was a thrilling experience being able to connect and introduce so many employees to Mindfulness techniques. I’m very grateful to Amdocs for letting me share Mindfulness with so many of their global employees, demonstrating that organizational well-being must be cultivated in staff in all position or locations. I thoroughly enjoyed the curiosity and participation of employees during these events and I look forward to working with Amdocs again in the future.