“You manage things, you lead people” -Grace Murray Hopper

The OWBA 6-Week Mindfulness Program provides an in-depth look at mindfulness for corporate teams. The goal of this program is to embed Mindfulness virtues into the foundation of your company and to create meaningful and lasting change in the culture of your organization.

Held at your premises, participants learn all of the basic principles of mindfulness such as Mindfulness meditations, MBSR techniques as well as MBCT practices to be incorporated into their professional and personal lives. Working up to more advanced and alternative forms of mindfulness, participants establish a solid understanding of their ‘quality of presence’ that provides countless benefits for themselves and their teams. Each workshop includes experiential Mindfulness Meditations and innovative tools such as Mindful Meetings, Unitasking and Mindful Feedback. All sessions conclude with guided discussions and group reflections. Comprehensive course notes and online practices are provided at the end of each session via email to be reviewed at leisure.

One of the fundamental pieces of this program is the engagement level outside of the workshop; In the office, participants are asked to connect with a Mindfulness Buddy – a team member in the group from whom they can find support throughout the program. At home, participants are asked to complete Daily Mindfulness Forms that change from week-to-week based on themes learned in the workshop. These customized online forms give participants the opportunity to reflect and report whether they have made time to practice mindfulness each day, as well as to facilitate a sense of continuity and responsibility.

Core Topics 

  1. SELF-REGULATION AND RESILIENCE – Combating Stress, Anxiety and Burnout 
  2. PRODUCTIVITY AND TIME MANAGEMENT – Managing Distractions, Multitasking and Prioritisation 
  3. INTENTION AND MEANINGFULNESS – Changing Automatic Pilot and Daily Routines 
  4. MINDFUL COMMUNICATION – Enhancing Listening Skills, Empathy and Clear Communication 
  5. FOCUS AND ATTENTION – Tools for Mindful Meetings, Phoning and Emailing 
  6. MINDFUL FEEDBACK AND RELATIONSHIPS – Enhancing Collaboration, Trust and Compassion 
  7. DEALING WITH UNCERTAINTY AND CHANGES – Coping with Fact-Paced Environments and Market Volatility
  8. HAPPINESS AND FREEDOM AT WORK – Controlling Mind-Wandering and Self-Judgement 
  9. LETTING-GO AND ACCEPTANCE – Practicing Being (vs. Doing) and Gratitude 
  10. MINDFUL DECISION MAKING  – Regulating Over-Reactiveness and Cognitive Rigidity 
  11. MINDFUL INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY  – Boosting Inspiration, Motivation and Intuition 
  12. WELL BEING AT WORK – Tools for Mindful Eating, Walking and Sleeping

Research and Evaluation

All 6-week mindfulness programs are followed by assessments and evaluation processes, which are tailored to your specific needs. Prior to the program, we define together clear objectives, which can provide the framework for an effective assessment methodology and customised measuring tools. Normally participants are asked to complete performance-related and happiness questionnaires before the commencement of the intervention and again, within 3-4 weeks after completing the program. This research allows the OWBA team to continuously analyze the impact of the program and to monitor your team’s performance (i.e. engagement, creativity, prioritizing skills, listening skills), well being (i.e. stress, absenteeism, happiness) and business growth (i.e. sales, turnover).

We are excited to introduce mindfulness into your workplace!

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